Human-Robot Interaction for Cashier Robot

Final Year Project
BSc Computer Science (Industrial)

Student: Rafael Papallas
Supervisor: Dr. Mehmet Dogar

The Project Is On GitHub

Demonstration videos of myself. Let the magic begin... 🎩

Here is a video of myself serving a customer 🤗

Another one if you are a bit geeky 🕵

Hi! I am Baxter... Nice to meet you 🤝

Some more information about me

What I do 💪

  • I am detecting new customers entering my area.
  • I accept sweet orders.
  • I will ask you for money (not real ones; in my shop we only have Baxter Banknotes).
  • I will accept your payment by recognising your banknotes.
  • I will return change if necessary.

Banknotes 💸

In my shop only cool banknotes can be used, like the ones below.

They are called "Baxter Banknotes" 💰🤑

Money Recognition

I need to recognise banknotes, and my programmer tried few ideas (three in specific!) and he decided to use AR recognition.

Once I receive the customer's banknotes, I use my forehead camera to do the recognition as you can see from the pictures below.

Don't try to trick me in any way, I am well programmed to avoid your tricks 😇

Lets see the world through my eyes 👀

I don't have eyes 😞 but I do have cameras, I have three in total so I have more "eyes" than you do 😝

I use a depth sensor (Kinect-like sensor) to detect the hand position of the customer.

Here are some pictures of the interaction

On the left is the customer ready to pay 🤑, and on the right I am returning change to the user 😭.


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